• Internet.

  • Skype. VVBS conducts its lessons over Skype.

  • A good quality camera. If we can’t see, we can’t correct.

  • A good quality sound system. Our students need to be able to hear us clearly.

  • The ‘Ballet Class’ app. This is a wonderful app giving us control over tempo, length of exercise, delayed start, etc. With this app on both ends, we are able to set exercises to a specific tempo with music we both have. We mostly use the ‘Amaranto’ album. Cost is $9.99. Image below.

  • A ballet Barre. Everything starts at the barre! We prefer something specifically designed for ballet, but we have had to take class holding on to various objects over the years. A chair, a countertop, DAD?

  • A ‘dance space’. The definition here varies. Obviously an actual studio is best, but we have trained students with a simple barre in their living room. As long as you can complete the exercises safely, we can work. More personal discussions about your ‘dance space’ are usually necessary.

  • A positive attitude and a desire to work hard and be better! This is the most important piece of equipment you have!

I also saw the profound and positive impact they had on the students and other young dancers around them.
— Beatrice Affron - Musical Director and Conductor, Pennsylvania Ballet